Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – City Slang

Got dirt in my hand
Part of the land
City Slang communication
Know Downtown Street’s
They measure the beat
To understand situation
Taste of the tongue
There no place to run
And all chances to be taken
Screaming by,angels should fly
My Heart is open like nation
I got nothing to kick at night
Just see that.Hey! That’s allright
Mamma crying,sister thinking
Yeah i know it just City Slang

See i get trought,going to blue
Time is ticking,so get it in
Talking to B,sis coming teen
Say “kaka luni” I think i am
Time on the life,she’s all mine
Got the butchers in American.
Tick! Insane,they’re coming for me
Then i wait,i’m alone again
When you feel,hell above you
Pack weeds and be left out
And no reason to call any names
When you know it just City Slang
See,it’s allright time in your life
Cause i refusal to take you
Messiah it’s kind,trasure to find
Gonna be civil who shake you
And all of the low there’s no echo
this gyu’s fellow gonna follow me
Satan it take,inside of break
C’mon baby let us premiere in
Keep a talkin those city dreams
Well you know allright you know what i mean
Detroit, chicago now new york to l.a.
They all been talkin bout City Slang

Album: “City slang single” (Orchidé Records\1978).

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