Rise Above: l’hardcore-punk americano in 20 assalti alle spalle


Misfits – “Bullet” (Bullet Ep\1978).

The Germs – “What we do is secret” (GI\1979).

Black Flag – “Rise Above” (Damaged\1980).

Dead Kennedys – “Kill the poor” (Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables).

Minor Threat – “Straight Edge” (Minor Threat Ep\1981).

Adolescents – “Kids of the black hole” (Adolescents\1981).

Bad Brains – “Banned in D.C.” (Bad Brains\1982).

Bad Religion – “We’re all gonna die” (How could be hell any worse?\1982).

MDC – “John Wayne was a nazi” (Millions of dead cops\1982).

Fear – “I love livin’ in the city” (The Record\1982).

Scream – “Came without warning” (Still screaming\1983).

Suicidal Tendencies – “I Saw Your Mommy” (Suicidal Tendencies\1983).

Social Distortion – “The Creeps” (Mommy’s little monster\1983).

Hüsker Dü – “Something I learned today” (Zen arcade\1984).

Agnostic Front – “Victim in pain” (Victim in pain\1984).

7 Seconds – “Here’s your warning” (The Crew\1984).

Cro Mags – “We gotta know” (The age of quarrel\1986).

Gorilla Biscuits – “High Hopes” (Gorilla Biscuits ep\1988).

Sick of it all – “Just look around” (Just look around\1992).

Converge – “Fault and fracture” (Jane Doe\2001).

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